Art Walk and Roller Derby, oh my!

Art, Wine & Shopping

This past weekend was a busy one in Bozeman, Montana. Friday night kicked off with the Art Walk. This will happen on the second Friday of each month until September. There are 31 participating stores that show off artists of their choice.

Keith Anderson featured at Jewelry Studio

We started out at the Jewelry Studio downtown which featured Keith Anderson, an artist and architect!  It was great to see our friends and Keith’s work.  And surprisingly Jewelry Studio was serving wine and appetizers. But onward we went, we had a whole town to walk!

I was surprised that some of the stores didn’t seem to be featuring artists (or at least I couldn’t tell), such as the local book store. But it was pretty awesome to be in a bookstore again. Books smell good!

Book store Bozeman

And most of the other stores had wine and appetizers to munch on. So really, if you like art, free wine and free food, the Art Walk is for you!

There was also live music being played on the streets of downtown (not to be confused with Music on Main which is coming up on the 28th!)

Art Walk Music

But I have to say, one of my favorite features of the art walk was the old theater they are rebuilding downtown for plays, music and more. The Rialto was built in 1925 and it is ready to get back on its feet!

Raise the Rialto

They were giving tours of what they have done so far. It is looking fabulous!

The Rialto theatre bozeman

They are currently looking for sponsors and volunteers to help finish up the theater. For more information, check out their website.

The art walk was pretty fab. It was great to see what was going on in Downtown Bozeman, as well as checking out some of the local artists!

Derby Girls Kicking Butt in Bozeman

Saturday night was the Debutantes Brawl with the Bozeman’s Gallatin Roller Girlz vs. Billings’ Magic City Rollers.

Now, I have never been to a derby match before, had no idea how the game was played, what it was about, except that it was women on roller skates. Interesting, right?

It was awesome!

Basically derby is a bunch of girl who end up knocking each other over on skates. What is not fun about that? The stadium was completely packed too! It seemed most of Bozeman was there.

Roller Derby Bozeman

I wish I could have gotten more pictures, but the girls were flying by so fast they are just blurs on my crappy camera. However, I did get some great video!


Check out this jam session. Watch the girls with the stars on their helmets. They are the jammers, they have to get by the pack. Bozeman is in black, Billings in blue.

And with our local beer Bozone being served, there was really no way to go wrong with this evening!

Bozone Beer

I had too much fun at Roller Derby. I may have to join the team. Look out for my full article about the event in Bozeman Magazine!

All in all, with the art walk and derby, it was a great great great weekend in Bozeman.

Next up? Pride Parade baby, oh yeah! So proud to be in Montana!

Hair and Art in Bozeman

So Bozeman, Montana does something I think is super cool. A lot of local shops, such as coffee shops, restaurants and the like, have local artists displaying in their stores.

The other night we headed to Theory Hair Salon on N. Wallace in Bozeman for Kelsey Dzintars‘ art opening. While it was a hair salon, it didn’t seem like your typical hair salon at all.

Theory Hair Salon

Its open and artistic and felt like a perfect place for some vibrant art from Kelsey (while I don’t know Kelsey I’ve decided her art is so cool I should be on a first name basis with her. Now I am.)

Kelsey Dzintars synesthesia

Celeste Johnson is the friendly, outgoing and all around awesome stylist who showed us around and talked about her first few amazing months at Theory Hair Salon and how much she loved it.

Celeste Johnson stylist

It wasn’t long before the party was really starting, and with live music, and yummy treats, there was no reason not to visit this art opening!

Theory Hair Salon

While I didn’t get my hair cut at Theory Hair Salon, I was well impressed with their inspiration wall.

Inspiration Wall

If you are wanting an inspiring, ultra cool hair cut, I recommend you give Celeste a call at (406) 586 3198. She will rock your world.